Golondrina | Galapagos Yacht


Golondrina is a fantastic option for exploring the islands in comfort. The yacht is older, and smaller than most tourist cruises of superior class, but it has a good reputation in terms of cruise quality, service, and value. The ship boasts large cabins, excellent service and good food, along with an engaging guide at economy rates.

The yacht is not more than 22 meters long. It has a sundeck in front that allows you to observe the sea. There's also a TV and carpeted lounge where you can unwind. A bar, as well as a cozy dining room is available to satisfy your hunger. Golondrina I also boasts seven luxuriously furnished double cabins, each with AC, bunk beds and private bathrooms. Hot water is available.

Golondrina can accommodate 14 passengers and also has five crew, including a captain, an engineer, a cook, a sailor, and a naturalist who speaks both Spanish and English. Golondrina I also adheres to all safety and security rules that ensure a safe journey.

Golondrina I has two cruises of 8 nights/7 days, as well as two cruises of 5 days/4 night and one cruise for 3 days/4nights. Golondrina lets you dive in the water to observe marine life while wearing one of the suits that are provided. There are also kayaks and dinghies that will take you on land to explore the flora, fauna and richness of Galapagos.

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