Nemo III | Galapagos Catamaran

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Cruises through the islands are becoming a popular tourist choice. Every year, cruises are becoming more popular as a way to vacation. This cruise is an incredible way to travel to the Galapagos Islands.

Nemo III Services

You will have the opportunity to purchase many commodities aboard the Nemo III. You will find a Jacuzzi on the sundeck, which you can use while you cruise around the islands. You will find double cabins with private bathrooms, as well as the space to store your luggage, at your disposal for sleeping.

You will be able to enjoy three delicious meals daily along with practical snacks during your cruise. You can use the air conditioner to cool your commodities in high temperatures or to heat and cold water. Enjoy the adventure

You will have the opportunity to live adventure at its best while onboard de Nemo III cruise. You will be treated with the utmost care in comfortable cabins. You will also enjoy delicious meals on the islands.

You will be the guest of honour at nature's most beautiful creations when you visit the islands. This is a unique experience that you won't want to miss.

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